Personalization is all about delivering the right experience to the right user at the right time.

Sounds great in theory, but in practice, takes quite a lot of effort to determine the most suitable experience for each traffic segment, i.e. mapping out and configuring the ideal “experience targeting” setup.

Today’s methodologies for achieving true personalization and figuring out the best “experience targeting” requires marketers to intelligently segment their digital traffic (in itself an analysis-heavy task), launch numerous A/B/n tests, wait patiently for the test result to achieve statistical significance, break down the results, and analyze each test variation’s performance against each traffic segment. Then, once the data is fully analyzed, marketers must manually set up a personalized experience for each segment.

It’s no wonder most of today’s businesses don’t execute true personalization. They simply don’t have the resources to do so effectively. Moreover, in order to save time and resources, marketers will often skip the final steps of analyzing a test variation’s performance per traffic segment, simply deploying an overall winner to all traffic and effectively embracing a “winner takes all” approach (thus renouncing personalization).

Dynamic Yield’s Predictive Targeting aims to mitigate all of the above by using heavy-duty machine learning to predict the optimal “experience targeting” setup and inform marketers of which experience to serve and to what traffic segment. Predictive Targeting, as its name suggests, predicts and recommends how to target each experience, and to whom, without any need for manual analysis.

Predictive Targeting runs in the background of every experience launched through Dynamic Yield, analyzing the performance of each variation across every traffic segment in real time, saving the marketer from having to invest any unnecessary effort on their end. Once a targeting opportunity is identified, Predictive Targeting notifies the marketer and enables them to deploy the optimal experience targeting setup with a single mouse click.

Predictive Targeting is the first solution in the market that automates personalization.

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