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Bronto Integrates with Dynamic Yield

Whether you’re looking to enrich your email campaigns with personalized content or send trigger emails to bring consumers back to your site, the Bronto integration has you covered. If Bronto is your primary email marketing platform, this integration allows you to use out-of-the-box code snippets to incorporate personalized email content and product recommendations into your email campaigns. This integration also give you the ability to send personalized, trigger emails to re-capture the attention of site abandoners to encourage them to return to your site.

Key Benefits

  1. Automatically send emails featuring personalized content and recommendations to users that have left your site or app prior to completing a purchase
  2. Test and optimize Dynamic Content and product recommendation variations with different audience segments within emails
  3. Capitalize on opportunities dictated by customer activity in real time during key moments in the customer journey

Casos de uso

Deploy triggered emails for cart abandoners with personalized product recommendations and messaging to encourage users back to your site.

Incorporate personalized product recommendations to users with specific affinities, such as new sneakers to shoe enthusiasts.

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