Personalization Innovator Award Winner

This award recognizes FortyTwo, the highest-trafficked home furnishing eCommerce site in Singapore, for implementing a comprehensive recommendations program that influences the entire purchase funnel by tailoring products on every page type of the website.
Awarded to organizations who have a complete grasp of experience optimization and push the limits of personalization to create real value for their customers and their businesses.
No stranger to a large audience of diverse visitors, FortyTwo knows it’s critical to identify the intent of each individual so that it may deliver the most relevant product recommendations on-site. With the goal of guiding each customer at various stops along the purchase funnel, FortyTwo deployed — and rigorously tested — a comprehensive recommendations strategy, personalizing products within recommendation widgets on every page type of the website, ultimately driving over a third of its revenue from this program alone.

How FortyTwo does it

FortyTwo consistently optimizes the recommendation widgets on every page of its site via variation testing. Seen here, two different recommendation options for the same individual: Variation A (User Affinity + Recently Viewed) and Variation B (User Affinity + Popularity + mixed algorithm with an L-Shape Sofa filter)

Deploys product recommendations on every page of the site, including the homepage, category pages, and product details pages. FortyTwo even provides recommendations on the cart page – considered controversial by many due to its potential to distract shoppers – but beneficial when done right (e.g. showcase complimentary items) in the eyes of the team.

Rigorously tests the page-type, location, widget title, slots, copy, and strategies implemented across every recommendation widget, ensuring each user in the segment receives the best possible experience and most relevant products.

Continually optimizes every recommendation campaign by evaluating the data from each test to understand the overall impact as well as how to enhance the experience for future test iterations, with the team’s data-driven approach generating what used to be only a fraction of revenue from recommendations to over a third.

The team behind the experiences

Patrick TjiptoDigital Marketing Executive

Patrick started with FortyTwo four years ago, helping the company to optimize onsite engagement and conversion. With ten years of experience in digital marketing, he has led the development of experiments, A/B tests, personalization, and data analysis. He is always motivated to push the limits of optimization and experimentation to deliver an impactful customer experience and drive higher conversions.

Alvin HenSoftware Engineer

Alvin has been working with FortyTwo for three years now as a front-end software engineer. He enjoys creating responsive and interactive websites, and he works closely with analysts to create a personalized user experience as well as creating various A/B tests to further improve the experience and conversion.

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