Linen Chest

Personalization Innovator Award Winner

The award recognizes the Canadian retailer of bedding, dinnerware, home decor, and more for its motivation to be both test and learn focused as well as dedicated to customer-centricity, which the company has been able to achieve through a highly efficient and methodical personalization program – the team touts a 90% targeting rate and recommendation performance that has delivered $6.7M in direct revenue.
Awarded to organizations who have a complete grasp of experience optimization and push the limits of personalization to create real value for their customers and their businesses.
Linen Chest is a family-owned business with more than 30 store locations across Canada and over 15,000 products and new arrivals coming in weekly, offering its customers unique, top-quality items that bring any room to life. To replicate the interactive and experimental experience Linen Chest shoppers are familiar with in-store, the team responsible for the site not only regularly launches A/B tests to optimize different stages in the online shopping journey, but ensures they are also heavily personalized through the strategic testing of content, offers, and recommendations based on locale, intent, affinity, and more. Its small but mighty team has created an extremely efficient program, and has even gone hybrid, supporting personalization on both the client- and server-side.

How Linen Chest does it

Add-to-cart overlay Linen Chest implemented that is personalized based on user affinity and recently viewed items.

Improves program efficiencies wherever possible, with the team creating a clear roadmap of audiences and experiences to deliver against, which included multilingual campaigns strategically targeted at specific locales. Further, a sophisticated use of labels and organized naming conventions guarantees the overall program is properly managed.

Consistently launches tests, and has run 1,000+ experiments to better understand what works and doesn’t. Additionally, 90% of Linen Chest’s experiences are those that are targeted to a specific audience, and its use of product recommendations across 15 touchpoints has generated $6.7M in direct revenue.

Implements Dynamic Yield on most pages across the Linen Chest website to optimize the user experience in as many places as possible, and through the implementation of a hybrid approach to personalization, now launches campaigns on both the client-side and via API to minimize the impact of so many experiences on site speed.

The team behind the experiences

Morris Shipper Director, Digital Marketing

Morris is the Director of Digital Marketing and lead on Personalization Strategy for Linen Chest. He has worked in digital marketing for over 12 years while always keeping the customer first in order to deliver an exceptional experience.