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Personalization Innovator Award Winner

For the second year in a row, luxury fashion retailer LUISAVIAROMA has proven its status as a leader in the personalization space, launching over 30 recommendation campaigns on its mobile app and embracing dynamic content on the site to highlight its sustainability practices.
Awarded to the savviest Dynamic Yield customers who understand the true value of customer experiences and find new and exciting ways to tap into our platform.
Last year, luxury fashion retailer LUISAVIAROMA won a Personalization Innovator Award for creating a customized social media influencer landing page and personalizing all on-site content to the individual. In 2022, LVR launched a full integration with its mobile app to achieve multichannel personalization, took advantage of dynamically-generated content variations to highlight its sustainable products, and honed in on key audience groups to identify VIP visitors. This work contributed to a 10% uplift in total revenue, winning the company’s team a Personalization Innovator Award for the second year in a row.


LUISAVIAROMA utilized dynamic content on certain PDPs to highlight products with a sustainable impact on the environment.

Extends personalization beyond the web and into its mobile app, investing in the integration of this important channel through the use of Dynamic Yield’s flexible APIs, which allowed its team to deploy over 30 recommendation campaigns at various touchpoints without the need of manual development – yielding an outstanding 25% uplift in direct revenue from the app.

Emphasizes items that are made sustainably on their respective product detail pages (as well as through badging), dynamically adding content to highlight the different LVR initiatives as well as the item’s sustainable product attributes, e.g. eco friendly, ethical trade, organic, and so on. The team hopes it will raise awareness around the adoption of good business practices, which can also help establish customer loyalty.

Analyzes its data for important audience learnings, which included the observation that its LVR Privilege members were driving the majority of revenue, prompting the team to invest in a series of experiences that included different incentives and discounts as well as recommendations tailored around past purchases.

The team behind the experiences

Niko Sandelin Product Owner

Niko has been working at LUISAVIAROMA as a Product Owner since September 2020. Since that he has overseen the LVR app lifecycle and led the cross-functional product team to establish a first-class app shopping experience. He has been responsible for creating a strategic vision and outcome-driven roadmap for the app, having a personalized shopping experience as a strategic key pillar. He is always striving to maximize the value for the end-users and outcomes for the business.

Marco VernacciniMobile App Tech Lead

Marco has a background as a backend developer and over the years at LUISAVIAROMA he became the LVR app Tech Lead. He analyzes the technical feasibility of business requests, manages the development and releases of the app and tries to find solutions to different challenges every day to increase his know-how and his team.

Alessandro RivaMobile App Developer

Alessandro is a mobile app developer who has been working on the integration of Dynamic Yield in the LVR app. With his diversified background, he has a strong focus on performance, combining complex integrations with beautiful and smooth interfaces.

Leonardo Lenzi Luisaviaroma

Leonardo Lenzi Frontend Developer

Leonardo is a frontend developer who has been working for years on the optimization of the LUISAVIAROMA code to provide users with increasingly innovative and fluid experiences. He takes care of the integration of Dynamic Yield with the Luisaviaroma website to make users' visits as personalized as possible.

Laura CardilicchiaUX/UI Lead

Laura is a skilled UX Lead who has been working in the digital luxury industry for over 10 years. She has been focusing on turning digital products & applications into intuitive and meaningful interactive experiences for users through design and usability. Her team has been taking care of the implementation of UI/UX best practices, principles and design in the LVR app Dynamic Yield integration, to make the DY experience a user-centric and personalized part of the shopping journey.

Marta PaciniUX/UI Designer

After almost ten years of experience in digital design, Marta is now working with the Product Design team as a UX/UI Designer. She firmly believes that design is first about solving problems by combining creativity, usability and ease of use to help people achieve their goals in their digital journeys. She takes care of LVR app solutions, providing innovative and fluid designs. She is passionate about working as a team, and she always tries to focus on improving and simplifying the users' shopping experience.

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