​​Sky (NOW, WOW, Sky X)

Personalization Expert Award Winner

This award recognizes the European media giant for its coordinated personalization efforts, which include the rigorous testing of various experience types and implementation of personalized content and recommendations across streaming services and locations in EMEA.
Awarded to organizations who have a complete grasp of experience optimization and push the limits of personalization to create real value for their customers and their businesses.
​​Sky (NOW, WOW, Sky X) is Europe’s largest media company and pay-TV broadcaster, with tens of millions of subscribers across the continent. Firm believers in experimentation, the ​​Sky (NOW, WOW, Sky X) team has A/B tested and optimized numerous digital experiences for its diverse audience-base, tailoring website content according to advertising campaigns as well as serving recommendations based on browsing habits and upselling additional subscriptions according to the user’s existing package – rolling the successful campaigns out across services and locations in EMEA.

How S​​ky (NOW, WOW, Sky X) does it

Sky personalizes its homepage banner content and offers to reflect the source from which the user landed on the site, user’s activity on the website as well as previous information from the individual.

Tailors website homepage banners and content recommendations based on the users’ browsing history, preferences, and affinities. These include recommended membership bundles, highlighting popular content and new releases, and limited time offers to encourage membership upgrades, add-ons, and platform usage.

Personalizes homepage banners in accordance with advertising campaigns, guaranteeing that if a user clicks on a movie-related ad, the site will reflect move-related content. This experience is applied across categories, from entertainment to sports and beyond, as its team believes channel continuity is of the utmost importance.

Consistent and methodical testing determines the best option for audience segments, including user location across Europe, membership package, and watch habits, leading to uplifts in website and content engagement as a response to a more tailored digital experience.

The team behind the experiences


Adriana ScalaProduct Owner – eCommerce Optimization

Over the last 3 years, I’ve been owning the optimization space across NOW’s web products, shifting from a UK focus to a global one. I’ve been working closely with the Dynamic Yield team and our local markets to drive forward personalization efforts so that we can not only understand our users more but serve them forward-thinking experiences from their first visit to their last.


Matthias Freund Manager Performance & Optimization

I am responsible for optimizing the customer experience on the WOW website for the German-speaking streaming service. On the one hand, our goal is to ensure the best possible and personalized journey for our (potential) customers and to achieve a continuous uplift for our business goals through various tests and DY-controlled elements at different touchpoints of the eCom journey. In order to do so, we collaborate across countries and stake holding departments in close cooperation with the Dynamic Yield team.


Laura Ranftl Digital Sales & Journey Manager

As part of the Digital OTT team in Austria, I am responsible for the website development and optimization of the Sky X website. To improve our journeys and create better experiences for our customers, I own A/B testing projects as well as site personalization ideas by using Dynamic Yield together with the Sky X team and the DY team.


Jonathan Crawford Optimization Executive

Over the past couple of months, I have been building and executing experiences using the Dynamic Yield platform for NOW UK and ROI. My focus is building more personalized experiences, targeted at new and existing users. This includes serving different content to different users to increase content relevancy and drive engagement.


Jonathan FernandoeCommerce Manager

I look after the sales funnel for both UK/ROI and try to increase the number of conversions we have on-site, whilst integrating tools for the best in class experience for our members including working with the optimization team to help with tests and futureproofing the site with personalization that targets different members throughout their lifecycle.

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