Personalization Innovator Award Winner

The award recognizes the online art gallery that supports emerging artists globally for its ability to quickly adjust strategy and move at a fast pace while also delicately balancing its merchandising approach, curating pieces of work according to specific promotional goals and personalizing the experience through the use of AI, with one product recommendation campaign driving a 39% increase in revenue.

Awarded to organizations who have a complete grasp of experience optimization and push the limits of personalization to create real value for their customers and their businesses.
Tappan’s mission is to reinvent the approach to discovering and collecting contemporary art, going beyond the traditional art paradigm to showcase exceptional emerging talent through digital content. Recognizing what a personal experience the act of selecting art is, the team at Tappan has been able to combine product and content recommendations, in addition to dynamic content, to tailor its online gallery according to specific audiences or individual collectors among a wide variety of artists, aesthetic styles, price and points. Launching 15+ campaigns per month, insights gained from experiments have led to a greater understanding of its buyers, and within a year of implementing product recommendations, Tappan has seen a 39% revenue increase from these campaigns.

How Tappan does it

Tappan consulted its in house art history and interior design experts to build an on-site quiz that uses advanced AI to create a personalized art collecting experience for both the novice and seasoned collector.

Sources explicit feedback directly from its art shoppers by implementing a quiz on the homepage to collect information on each individual’s style preferences and interests, using the information to deliver more deeply personalized experiences in the future.

Segments audiences based on intent – given Tappan shoppers can take 7 days or more to decide on a high-priced piece of art, the team uses pageviews to optimize for more clicks among lower intent users and greater add-to-cart revenue for those who are higher intent, ensuring the right experiences line-up at each stage of the funnel.

Applies best practices in merchandising in combination with Dynamic Yield’s powerful AI to become more efficient in promoting and selling its artwork. To solve the challenge of continually merchandising pages when unique artwork sells, Tappan pins at least 10 artworks to each merchandising position and Dynamic Yield’s machine learning then selects the most relevant piece for a given user. Then, when the original work sells, other similar original works are shown in its place, saving the eCommerce team countless merchandising hours.

The team behind the experiences

Emily WingDirector of ProductHear from Emily

Emily leads the development and design teams that run Tappan's online experiences and backend systems. Her work centers around analyzing user behavior, concepting personalization experiences and overseeing the design and execution of personalization features and the data pipelines that make these features a reality.

Sarah KimSenior Ecommerce Manager & UX Strategist

Sarah is deeply involved with the personalization program, transferring our merchandising best practices to elegant recommendation strategies, building experiences to optimize our PDPs, and spearheading an online quiz feature to gain more data and opportunities for personalized content and recommendations.

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