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iMedia Online Retail Summit | Gold Coast, April 2019 30

April 2019

iMedia Online Retail Summit | Gold Coast

iMedia does it right with their Online Retail Summit. They put up all attendees in a luxury resort, where they can relax and enjoy the sun and sea. What's even better? Getting to meet leaders at the top brands ! We'll be on stage for our workshop and available for 1:1 meetings with you. Reach out to to book your meeting now!

OMR Fest | Hamburg, May 2019 7-8

May 2019

OMR Fest | Hamburg

OMR Fest, May 78-8 2019, Hamburg // OMR Fest is THE place for marketing practitioners to meet, networking, and learn. We have had major success at OMR Fest in past years, and look forward to meeting all those marketing rockstars on site again this year! Find in the expo hall and on stage for a workshop. | Moscow, May 2019 22-23

May 2019 | Moscow

We are returning to after many successful trips there over the years. You can find us int he main expo hall and on stage during our speaking session.

The Digital Benchmark | Berlin, May 2019 22-24

May 2019

The Digital Benchmark | Berlin

We are beyond proud to partner with EBG for the Benchmark series, taking place in our hometown, Berlin! There, we will meet leading European brands that are ready to hit the ground running with their personalization efforts.

IRCE @ Retail X | Chicago, June 2019 25-28

June 2019

IRCE @ Retail X | Chicago

IRCE is merging with Retail X this years for the MEGA eCommerce event of the year. We are excited to showcase DY's capabilities on the expo floor. Come find us for your demo and ALL of the swag!

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