Executive Spotlight

Empower your team to make intelligent decisions with fast, accurate, and reliable insights.
Executive Spotlight provides auto-generated, bite-sized insights about your personalization program including product usage, program health, and business impact for your C-Suite. Spotlight is easily visible to the entire team and lives directly in the main dashboard of Experience OS.

Get Results at a Glance

  • Recommendations: How much direct and assisted revenue am I generating, and how much is it compared to DY benchmark?
  • Testing: How many A/B test am I running, how many have significant results, and are there notable successes?
  • Dynamic Experiences: Is there an interesting uplift being generated by dynamic allocation?
  • Experience Email: How is my Experience Email activity, and how is it compared to DY benchmark?

Uncover New Opportunities with AI

  • Usage: Is activity low in this section? Are recommendations active in all page types? 
  • Best practices: Are we running a global control group? Are we using primary audiences? Is there a use case we should consider adopting?
  • Performance: Are we performing below benchmark in recommendations? What can we do?
  • OS applications: What would be the impact of exploring Reconnect, Experience Email, Algorithm Studio or AdaptML?

Stay Informed with Alerts

Executive Spotlight will notify you it your product feed is outdated, if your user data feeds need updating, or if any other crucial tasks require your attention.

About DY Labs

DY Lab products are still in development but show a lot of promise, so we want to give you a chance to try them out. These products haven’t been subjected to the same level of reliability, scalability, and security measures as other Dynamic Yield products, and are not being officially supported.