Experience APIs

Build great digital experiences with more control and flexibility

With a powerful set of APIs, product managers and developers can run server-side experiments on any device, deploy deep-learning product recommendations, and confidently roll out features – targeted for each individual user.

Introducing Experience APIs

Run server-side A/B tests

Deploy controlled experiments completely through the server-code to avoid flicker entirely. Test anything you can think of, across your entire tech stack.

Target rollouts by audience

Gradually roll out features and customer experiences, targeted to specific markets and audience groups across any digital touchpoint.

Prove the impact of new features

Get agile and become more data-driven. Manage a slew of feature updates in tandem, and focus on optimizing all the conversion metrics and KPIs you care about.


Create exceptional customer experiences with great agility

  • Confidently roll out and test features on any device or application.
  • Run dozens of experiments concurrently, each with their own targeting rules and multiple variations, all without impacting page load time.
  • Leverage our built-in Deep Learning Algorithms, Multi-Armed Bandit, Bayesian Statistics, and more.
  • Supports feature flagging, configurable variable sets, flexible construction of JSON payloads.
  • Deploy experiences solely using APIs or launch them alongside those from the client-side.

Run deep-learning based recommendations across all customer touchpoints

  • Recommend anywhere with our APIs: in clienteling apps, call centers, in-store kiosks, and more.
  • Superior algorithmic engines that increase revenue such as deep learning, viewed together, popularity, recently viewed, bought together, and more.
  • Merchandising engine is connected to CRM data and segmentation engine, allowing for unprecedented precision and merchandising control.
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Create a true 360° view of the customer

  • Surface rich cross-device user data through a low latency API endpoint.
  • Access and unify an entire body of first-, second, and third-party data together in one place, including a user’s real-time activity, lifetime behavior, affinity profile, audience membership, and more.
  • Designed for integration with a CRM, customer service center, in-store kiosks, and other digital interfaces.

Based on the same battle-tested engine

Rely on the engine we’ve been honing for years, helping our customers plan, execute, and analyze over 100,000 tests

High-scale, low-latency pipeline supports leading retail, finance, travel, and publishing sites.

Ad-hoc audience explorer for segment evaluation in near real-time, over huge datasets.

In-depth experiment reporting with multiple KPIs and custom breakdown of segments, uncovering robust test conclusions and opportunities.

Array of available integrations and partners for complete personalization functionality throughout the technology stack.

Dynamic Yield is MACH Alliance certified. We’re committed to providing the industry-leading, best-of-breed Experience Optimization solutions via microservices, API-first, cloud-native SaaS, and headless personalization technologies.

Flexible Implementations

Web-Script + APIs

With Dynamic Yield classic, you can leverage our client-side script and APIs to deploy personalization in a way that works for you.

APIs Only

Integrate personalization deeply within your products and across multiple channels. Call APIs from your website, app, offline properties, and leverage our expanding set of SDKs.

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