eXPerience APIs

Innovative experiences aren’t just born, they’re built.

With a powerful set of experience optimization APIs, the world’s best builders can dream it, develop it, and deliver it – with simplicity, speed, and greater agility.

It’s a brave new age of APIs, SDKs, SPAs, PWAs, and Hybrids.

However, as these solutions are now so deeply integrated in code, how do we empower teams with the freedom to tweak and explore?

We’ve built a solution to accomplish what an API, alone, cannot.

It’s all about easy implementation for devs, along with maximum flexibility for product and marketing. Together, teams can create, experiment, and most importantly, tailor truly personalized experiences the way they were dreamt to be.

Inside the eXPerience APIs

Tools to improve collaboration across dev, product, and marketing

Experiment with features, variables, targeting conditions, creative, copy, and any JSON payload

Each campaign benefits from Dynamic Yield’s core capabilities:

  • Bayesian Statistics Engine powers A/B Tests and dynamic traffic allocation with Multi-Arm Bandits (MAB).
  • Advanced targeting based on real-time as well as long-term behavior, first- and third-party data, geo-location, device type, weather, and more.
  • Predictive Targeting automatically identifies personalization opportunities and suggests the best course of action.

Choose from a strong set of contextual and personalized strategies

  • Merchandising control with manual rule designation and per-slot level targeting in addition to algorithm-driven results according to performance.
  • Rendered based on omnichannel data collection of all historical and cross-device user activity.
  • Experience engine integration for maximum testing and targeting opportunities with option to apply predictive suggestions found.
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Create a true 360° view of the customer

  • Surface rich cross-device user data through a low latency API endpoint.
  • Access and unify an entire body of first-, second, and third-party data together in one place, including a user’s real-time activity, lifetime behavior, affinity profile, audience membership, and more.
  • Designed for integration with a CRM, customer service center, in-store kiosks, and other digital interfaces.

Based on the same battle-tested engine

Rely on the engine we’ve been honing for years, helping our customers plan, execute, and analyze over 100,000 tests

High-scale, low-latency pipeline supports leading retail, finance, travel, and publishing sites.

Ad-hoc audience explorer for segment evaluation in near real-time, over huge datasets.

In-depth experiment reporting with multiple KPIs and custom breakdown of segments, uncovering robust test conclusions and opportunities.

Array of available integrations and partners for complete personalization functionality throughout the technology stack.

Flexible Implementations

APIs Only

Integrate personalization deeply within your products and across multiple channels. Call APIs from your website, app, offline properties, and leverage our expanding set of SDKs.

Hybrid Mode

If you’re not ready to fully incorporate APIs, opt for a combination of server-side APIs and the Dynamic Yield client-side script to deploy personalization in a way that works for you.


Go classic and empower everyone on your team to create campaigns using a visual editor, or iterate on our built-in personalization templates – with no dependency on code releases.

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