Feed Enhancer as a Service

Optimize and enhance your product catalog with advanced NLP/NLU, image recognition, and product intelligence models to augment your recommendation insights and results.
Having a robust product data feed is an essential component to delivering targeted personalization and unlocking deeper insights about your customers. Despite its importance, brands often struggle to translate the minute details of their product catalog into their data feed.Product data enrichment is a solution to this problem that involves enhancing the product catalog with relevant product descriptions, keywords, and other attributes to inform a given personalization engine and recommendation algorithms. This process leverages advanced technologies such as NLP/NLU, image recognition, and product intelligence models to extract valuable product information and use it to enhance the existing product catalog. The resulting, well-enriched product catalog enables businesses to deliver more personalized experiences to their customers, resulting in increased engagement, loyalty, and revenue. How are we solving this at Dynamic Yield? Introducing the Feed Enhancer as a Service – a generative AI solution to enrich and optimize your product catalog data automatically. Whether you’re struggling with limited product recommendations, incomplete product information, or low conversion rates, our cutting-edge product intelligence solutions can help you optimize and enhance your product catalog like never before.

How does it work?

  1. Dynamic Yield’s Strategy Team takes an existing product or data feed the customer provides.
  2. Dynamic Yield then crawls and scrapes product information from product pages.
  3. A mix of generative AI, Image Recognition, and Mathematical Models are applied to the images and text, enhancing the existing product feed to generate new product details and context.
  4. Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding modules are being used to automatically identify relevant keywords and additional product values and properties – generating new product values through AI.

About DY Labs

DY Lab products are still in development but show a lot of promise, so we want to give you a chance to try them out. These products haven’t been subjected to the same level of reliability, scalability, and security measures as other Dynamic Yield products, and are not being officially supported.