Customer affinities are personal connections forged between people and a particular topic, brand, product or even product attributes. These could be affinities to brands like Nike and Adidas, or affinity to Sports articles, or affinity to specific shirt colors, fabrics, and so on. Highly-successful marketers are the ones who are able to leverage customer affinities for tailoring digital experiences based on that.

Customer Affinity in the Service of Personalization

Dynamic Yield’s affinity-based personalization technology is highly diverse and advanced. Several strategies rely on affinity profiles that are created by Dynamic Yield for each and every visitor to the site. These profiles contain the visitors’ affinities and preferences based on their browsing patterns and habits. For example, products that are viewed, added to cart and purchased (with varying weights).

Since product feeds are integrated into the account and contain endless attributes and metadata for each product SKU, a wealth of information can be studied, analyzed and automatically leveraged by customer affinity algorithms to serve the most appropriate Experience variations or product recommendation to each and every visitor.

To learn more about using customer affinities for personalization, click here: Affinity-Based Recommendations

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