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One of the world’s leading brand franchise operators, with an evolving portfolio of global retailers such as H&M, Muji, West Elm, Pottery Barn, American Eagle Outfitters, and more, deploys personalization across 16 global brands on web and mobile app, tailored to 7 unique markets and in 2 languages — totalling over 128 sites that deliver an exceptional experience to visitors. 

Awarded to leaders in our customer base who have a complete grasp of experience optimization, deploy campaigns across channels, are targeting and segmentation pros, and push the limits of personalization to create real value for their customers and their businesses.

Alshaya Group is a multinational retail franchise operator headquartered in Kuwait, responsible for the growth of dozens of brands, each with enormous product catalogs that see millions of site visitors every day. And while delivering a one-to-one shopping experience across them might sound impossible to most, the team running personalization for the group has been able to effectively pinpoint individual needs and preferences, automatically serving up the most relevant content across brands and markets (in two different languages). This is all thanks to the product managers, marketers, BI analysts, and merchandisers who have been regularly logging into the Dynamic Yield platform over the last three years to deliver experiences across 128 sites, making Alshaya Group an expert in personalization at scale.

Alshaya Group Brands

How Alshaya Group Does It


Scales efficiently by identifying the most impactful pages on the site for each brand with a focus on optimizing their performance. Specifically, the team found that A/B testing the deep-learning system AdaptML on the homepage and category pages for their highest-trafficked brands (including H&M and Bath & Body Works) yielded increased conversions and incremental revenue.


Tailors the right recommendation strategy to the right visitor for maximum performance. Alshaya Group recently segmented its audience traffic by low, medium, and high intent to better understand visitor preferences based on the funnel stage, after which the appropriate recommendation algorithm was selected, leading to an increase in direct revenue from recommendations by 100%.


Makes smart investments, starting with only a few brands and users of the experience optimization technology, proving early successes to showcase the long-term value of Alshaya Group’s personalization program. This opened the door for expansion, and bit by bit, all websites and mobile apps from 16 brands across 7 regions were layered on, now overseen by a small and mighty team of dozens of Dynamic Yield users.

What it looks like

Viewed together
Discovery pages
AdaptML recommendations

Viewed together

Alshaya Group tested the recommendations strategy on the American Eagle PDP for all audiences, putting Similarity against Viewed Together for “Customers Also Viewed.” The Viewed Together strategy yielded a +14% uplift in purchase revenue and +25% uplift in click-through rate.

Discovery pages

AdaptML deep learning was deployed on discovery pages, such as West Elm’s empty cart page (pictured). The deep learning model yielded 4% of direct revenue and an +8% increase in click-through rate.

AdaptML recommendations

Alshaya Group tested recommendation strategies on the H&M homepage, running AdaptML deep learning against Affinity for all audiences in the “Recommended For You” section. Deep learning yielded a +2% incremental increase in direct revenue and +1.04% uplift in click-through rate.

What’s next?

Especially proud of the seamless collaboration between experts on its internal team and Dynamic Yield’s supportive Customer Success and Technical Account Manager, the well-established personalization program of Alshaya Group aspires for continued greatness. The team looks to further enhance all 128 sites and mobile apps to reach its aggressive conversion rate targets, with a focus next year on elevating product discovery experiences across brands, which includes optimizing recommendations as well as exploring other opportunities such as scaling the use of the AdaptML deep-learning algorithms and testing engagement strategies such as quizzes. 

The team behind the experiences


Mehroz ShahidDigital Product Manager, CRO

Digital Product Manager leading the development of strategies and tactics aimed to drive recommendations, touchpoints and A/B testing at Alshaya Group's vast scale across 16 brands, 7 countries and 2 languages. With a strong focus on optimizing user experience, seamlessly integrating merchandising expertise and product feed improvements for more tailored recommendations throughout the customer journey.


Mickael RobinCRO Manager, eCommerce

Mickael is a data-driven digital marketing performance optimizer. After 18 years developing expertise in various fields of digital marketing (web analytics, traffic acquisition, product management, content management), he combined those skills by specializing in CRO. At Alshaya, Mickael leads the digital experimentation program, collaborating with product owners, UX designers and brand representatives to turn research insights into A/B tests, continuously enhancing the usability and efficiency of websites and mobile apps.


Retheesh GopiSenior Visual Designer

I started as a passionate graphic designer driven by the world of visual aesthetics. Over time, my fascination with design expanded to encompass web User Interface (UI) and Development. Today, I proudly hold the esteemed position of Lead UI Designer and Developer at Alshaya, a role that allows me to guide and shape the creative direction of over 16 renowned brands. Throughout my career, I've dedicated myself to pushing the boundaries of design and technology. One of my proudest achievements is spearheading the inaugural setup of Dynamic Yield. In this capacity, I've harnessed the power of DY's tools to successfully launch 16 distinct brands, each tailored to resonate with their target audiences on a deeply personal level.


Arnau JuliaCustomer Success Manager, Dynamic Yield

I’ve been working for 5+ years in Saas companies helping clients to reach their goals with technology. At DY, I help CRO and Personalization specialists achieve success on their projects and implement personalization on all their digital platforms.

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