Personalization Expert
Award Winner

Cartera, the largest source of Shop & Earn offers in the United States, has had an exceptional year with its personalization program, rapidly scaling to deploy over 200 Dynamic Yield campaigns in just 9 months. Made possible by the team’s rooted personalization approach, Cartera is able to identify critical insights about its audiences and quickly deploy meaningful site experiences to meet the needs of different visitor types.

Awarded to leaders in our customer base who have a complete grasp of experience optimization, deploy campaigns across channels, are targeting and segmentation pros, and push the limits of personalization to create real value for their customers and their businesses.
Cartera powers enterprise loyalty solutions by rewarding members for completing purchases at participating retail partners. By recommending relevant retailers and using engaging communication tools, Cartera drives member awareness of both retailer branding and best offers. In essence, Cartera consistently matches the right content to the right shopper to create a synergy that benefits both the member and the retail partner. Cartera achieves this by segmenting its site traffic into Primary Audiences. This strategy, which is based on a rooted personalization methodology, enables the deployment of personalized campaigns at scale.

How Cartera does it

Knows its audience.

Cartera breaks down its site traffic into four Primary Audience segments: Activation, Reactivation, Early Shoppers, and Top Shoppers. Each audience has different KPIs, and the team deploys different personalization strategies and tests to improve KPI performance for each group. By understanding its traffic through this lens, Cartera built a scalable personalization model, enabling the launch of 76 high-performing evergreen personalized campaigns, 92 promotional campaigns, and 61 personalization tests — all in just 9 months.

Personalizes landing pages.

Leveraging Primary Audience insights, Cartera realized that visitors in Activation and Reactivation audiences benefit from increased education about the rewards program and respond well to a greater volume of personalized homepage offers. Cartera built a unique landing page experience for these audiences that includes personalized recommendations based on trending stores, extension installation prompts, and email opt-in prompts, which yielded improved performance.

Dedicated testing.

Cartera interacts with shoppers via a browser extension. When the team A/B tested adoption messaging for this extension, they discovered that each Primary Audience segment has different preferences about the content and message experience. After analyzing the results, Cartera identified the need for personalized messaging to drive browser extension adoption, tailored for each Primary Audience.

What it looks like

Personalized Recommendations
Primary Audience Messaging

Personalized Recommendations

This is the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Shopping® homepage, powered by Cartera and available to members. In the standard experience (shown first), general Shop & Earn offers are displayed for engaged members, allowing them to easily browse rewards. In the personalized experience for less-engaged members (shown in the next image), educational messaging nurtures the audience, and higher placement of personalized content—such as Trending Store recommendations and Favorite Stores —showcases retailers that build connections and pique interest.

Primary Audience Messaging

On the American Airlines AAdvantage® eShoppingSM site, members are prompted to install a Chrome extension for easier Shop & Earn reminders. The scrolling format (shown first) with richer educational content drives strong installs for specific Primary Audiences, while the static banner format with direct messaging (shown in the next image) performs best for other Primary Audiences.

What’s next?

Nine months into its journey with Dynamic Yield, Cartera has delivered consistent results by establishing the usefulness of its chosen Primary Audience segments and identifying critical personalized experiences, such as the landing page variations. Now, the team aims to expand its personalization program by continuing to hone every customer touchpoint based on Primary Audience KPIs. They also plan to deploy new site capabilities by leveraging out-of-the-box Dynamic Yield templates, with tools like conversational recommendations and exit intent strategies. These represent new methods for Cartera to drive shopping activity across their customer base and pave the way for a fully personalized, innovative site experience.

The team behind the experiences


Dianna BarnettDirector, Growth Marketing,
Product Adoption & Optimization

Dianna drives the growth strategy across Cartera’s suite of partner programs, leveraging personalization to help connect members with the best experience to drive business outcomes.


Shradha Jalan BhojnagarwalaSenior Manager, Marketing Analytics 

As a skilled analyst, Shradha crafts compelling data stories and delivers actionable insights through data visualization to drive well-informed business decisions. Shradha is responsible for the delivery and upkeep of Dynamic Yield user feeds to support diverse personalized campaigns.


Bianca F. BoisvertDeveloper, Marketing Automation

Bianca has become the Dynamic Yield Mom as she has fully immersed herself into the Dynamic Yield platform, developing campaigns, templates, audiences, documentation and comprehensive internal processes. Her graphic design background has helped with her attention to detail and thoroughness.


Lauren CarvalhoDeveloper, Marketing Operations

Lauren loves a challenge when it comes to front-end web development, and she brings forward this skillset to assist in delivering Dynamic Yield campaigns.


Yeiguer ContrerasStaff Engineer

Yeiguer is a Cartera tech lead who spearheaded the conceptualization, data workflow optimization, setup, and innovative strategies to successfully execute the Dynamic Yield implementation.


Julie CunniffMarketing Manager, Growth Marketing

Julie is a dynamic and collaborative member of the Growth Marketing team who has been crucial in the Dynamic Yield campaign setup, making strong contributions to the success of Cartera’s migration to Dynamic Yield and ongoing personalization efforts.


David FallonSenior Manager, Marketing Operations

Dave is responsible for template code and data automation. He triages expedited issues and works to coordinate efforts between teams to ensure data is available to support Dynamic Yield campaigns.


Britney HendricksonSenior Art Director 

Britney oversees the creative strategy and development of personalized site assets with a focus on optimizing the member journey.


Jeremy LaverdiereSenior Manager Marketing Operations

Jeremy manages the project organization, personalization backlog, and timeframes for the majority of Cartera’s Dynamic Yield personalization initiatives. He works closely across multiple teams to ensure our campaigns are planned and development resources are available for successful execution.


Laura MarleyPrincipal Quality Engineer

Laura drives the testing of member transaction and member data integrations with Dynamic Yield to support personalized member experiences.


Kathleen McKennaCopywriter

Kathleen optimizes messaging across channels to engage and delight members while meeting business objectives.


Sharon SmithSenior Web Designer

Sharon designs innovative site assets that engage members and drive more shopping. Sharon focuses on optimizing email and browser extension adoption.


Sam ValevskiPrincipal Quality Engineer

Sam has been involved in the integration with Dynamic Yield since day one ensuring the product data is replicated correctly and that each program receives accurate data.


Chloe WigstenJunior Developer, Marketing Operations

Chloe works alongside other members of the Marketing Operations team to implement Cartera’s innovative personalization ideas and help to turn them into reality.


Matthew ZybertSenior Director, Marketing Operations 

Matt is responsible for the operational success across all Dynamic Yield campaigns, working closely across business and technical teams to ensure successful campaign execution to support Cartera's personalization efforts.