Deckers Brands

Personalization Expert Award Winner

A footwear designer and distributor founded over 40 years ago in California with a simple flip-flop, Deckers Brands prides itself on its innovative nature. Today, the Deckers Brands team has expanded its testing strategy to include personalized experiences across brands, with tailored content placement, innovative product finders and real-time weather and geo-targeting campaigns helping boost KPIs and rapport with customers.
Awarded to the savviest Dynamic Yield customers who understand the true value of customer experiences and find new and exciting ways to tap into our platform.
Forward-thinking and passionate about building a rapport with its customers, Deckers Brands has enhanced its powerful A/B testing program with the addition of personalized website experiences for individual shoppers across its brands, including UGG, HOKA, Koolaburra by UGG, Teva, and Sanuk. Through its consistent experimentation with segmented experiences and recommendations strategies, as well as its use of innovative product finders and real-time geo and weather-targeting campaigns, Deckers Brands’ sophisticated approach has led to significant improvements in key business metrics.

How Deckers does it

Deckers Brands uses Dynamic Yield to run sophisticated A/B
tests and provide personalized shopping experiences and product recommendations across its websites.

Drives consumer-centric experiences through robust A/B testing, with added layers of personalization and segmentation experimentations. This strategy balances focus on determining the right tailored variation per audience group in Dynamic Yield vs. the entire population of site traffic, entailing work individualizing dynamic content placement experiences, product recommendations, pop-ups, messaging, layouts, and more.

Optimizes product discovery in new and innovative ways, adding a product finder survey to the site in targeted locations to help visitors find the right items while also gaining impactful data to serve more relevant experiences and recommendations across the site.

Curates experiences among a wide range of quality products and call-to-actions based on geo and weather conditions by running campaigns that reflect relevant content for the targeted consumers.

The team behind the experiences

Sharon RodriguezSenior Manager of eCommerce,
Teva NA

Sharon is the Senior eCommerce Manager for Teva NA. She leads the eCommerce team and strategy from preseason planning to in-season execution with focus on the Brand driven GTM initiatives. Dynamic Yield has allowed her and her team to elevate the GTM initiatives to create a personalized experience for each visit on

Liz CarusoeCommerce Manager, HOKA NA

Liz is the eCommerce Manager / Product Owner for HOKA US + Canada. In this role, she oversees strategy and implementation of all regional A/B testing, segmentation, and personalization experiences in partnership with the UX Team for HOKA North America. Throughout her time at Deckers, she's been involved in all facets of growing the personalization program for HOKA with her largest areas of focus being the integration of merchandising strategies via product recommendations and working closely with HOKA's front-end development team for implementation.

Luis AndradeUX Lead, Teva and Sanuk

Luis began his career as a digital designer, and has now combined his love for design, and passion for user empathy, to evolve into his role as a UX designer. He helped build and shape the personalization program using Dynamic Yield. His focus is to maximize onsite engagement and conversion, identify personalization and recommendation potential, and optimize for unique user journeys. He drives cross-functional collaboration and leads, manages and executes multiple personalization experiments to support channel initiatives.

Andrea NovembrinoeCommerce Manager, UGG NA and Koolaburra

Andrea began as an Online Merchandiser and now is the eCommerce Manager for UGG North America and Koolaburra. She is focused on building impactful personalized experiences through collaborating with the innovative teams at Deckers. Andrea is excited to continue to establish unqiue tests that scale into best in class site experiences.

Claire SpakowskiUX Lead, HOKA NA

Claire is the HOKA UX Designer, focusing on scaling the personalization and testing program for HOKA NA. Prior to Deckers, Claire worked in various UX, digital marketing and CRO roles in the education industry. Throughout her career, Claire has found a passion for improving digital experiences through user testing and research, and is excited to partner with Dynamic Yield to optimize the website experience for the rapidly growing HOKA brand.

James Benit eCommerce Manager, Sanuk

James is an eCommerce Manager leading the development of strategy and tactics into the formation of personalization and testing campaigns for Sanuk. In partnership with the UX Team and UI Development Team, he has been able to accelerate and scale innovation across the shopping experience. He enjoys driving cross-team collaboration in search for new personalization opportunities in a competitive marketplace.

Mackenzie EganGTM Manager, HOKA NA, Teva, Sanuk

Mackenzie is the eCommerce Go-To-Market Manager for HOKA, Teva and Sanuk in North America. Her team manages the coordination and delivery of assets to support brand marketing and commercial strategies for the channel, while also partnering to build each brand's growing affinitiy audiences by delivering tailored and relevant experiences.

Christine TranGTM Manager, UGG NA and Koolaburra

Christine is the eCommerce Go-To-Market Manager for UGG North America and Koolaburra. In this role she builds the GTM strategy, planning segmentation into launch initiatives and site experiences, and ensures asset delivery driven by affinities. She is excited about optimization and personalization of all things big and small.

Kate MeyerUX Lead, UGG NA and Koolaburra

Kate is the UX Designer for UGG NA and Koolaburra, and she is focused on growing Koolaburra experimentation testing and personalizing the customer journey for every UGG NA on-site user. Kate is excited to enhance prioritization, planning processes and cross-team collabortation to optimize bandwidth and create synergy for her team while contributing to maturing the personalization program.

Lauren HanafiGlobal UX Lead

Lauren Hanafi leads the Global User Experience Design team for Deckers Brands. She has built an innovative Conversion Rate Optimization program from the ground up that she manages with stakeholders across 5 brands and 3 regions. Lauren leverages user research, consumer insights, and quantitative data for quality, iterative experiment hypotheses that produce highly optimized user journeys. She is fascinated time and again by a/b test learnings, and looks forward to continuing the cross-team collaboration and applying these user behavior insights to grow the program.

Anne DucaleGlobal UX Designer

Anne Ducale has more than a decade of experience in digital design. In her previous roles, she championed the email marketing, personalization, and content management system programs with data-driven design concepts. She has since combined her creative talents with her passion for data science to evolve her role in User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimization. Her specialties in human-centered design and user empathy, as well as her desire to “break the mold” make her an expert in optimizing the user journey with high value a/b test experiments at a global scale for Deckers Brands.

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