Personalization Thought Leadership Award Winner

This award recognizes the home & living eCommerce giant for its ability to deliver highly curated experiences through a well-structured product feed that ensures optimal algorithm performance (based on past purchase behavior and user affinity) within recommendation widgets across the homepage, PDPs, as well as over email. Not to mention its use of dynamic content to replace static web components, like hero banners.
We give the Thought Leadership Award to those who not only demonstrate exceptional overall expertise in the implementation of experimentation and personalization but also elevate others through sharing knowledge and insights that push the rest of the industry forward.
home24 is a leading eCommerce platform with a product catalog of over 200K furniture items for all styles and budgets. To make the shopping experience as relevant as possible for each customer, the home24 team leverages important interaction data from the site such as past purchase behavior and affinity to certain brands, styles, colors, and more to tailor its content and product recommendations – not only across the web but via email as well, maintaining consistency and context across channels. And through the consistent fine-tuning of its product feed and experimentation with different strategies and use cases, home24 now sees 25% of its revenue from product recommendations, acting as a source of inspiration for other brands.

How home24 does it

home24’s homepage combines dynamic hero banners that feature copy changes based on geo-location and highlights sales and featured collections as well as countdown timers — with personalized recommendations served according to a user’s affinity and browsing history.

Uses Dynamic Yield to showcase related products, matching accessories, and items the user may like based on displayed affinity across all product detail pages (PDPs), narrowing its 200k+ product catalog to a more curated experience per shopper.

Dynamically updates the homepage hero banners and product recommendations according to special sale events or items, driving urgency and encouraging action through the additional use of countdown timers.

Tailors content as well as recommendation widgets within email campaigns to create a truly personalized experience for each user as they travel between web and email.

The team behind the experiences

Gianluca Randisi VP ProductHear from Gianluca

Gianluca is responsible for Product Management, UX/UI, Research, SEO, and personalization/discovery for home24 website and apps. He is the former Marketing Director at home24 and involved in the personalization program as a Management sponsor and active team member. He's been working with DY for more than 6 years.

Daniela CarducciSenior SEO & Content Manager

Daniela is an SEO content professional with almost a decade of experience under her belt. When she is not organizing the team efforts across several languages she enjoys process work, liaisoning with content touchpoint teams like personalization and getting down with performance data.

Federico CutilloTeamlead SEO, Content & Data Taxonomy

Federico has 10+ years of experience in online marketing and has been working with home24 for more than 5 years. He is responsible to drive the organic growth of all home24 domains, he is also involved in the personalization program as an active team member.

Lena HuackSenior CRM & Personalization Manager

"Lena has worked at home24 for 3 years, during which she helped build and shape the personalization and recommendation projects with the use of Dynamic Yield. She is mainly responsible for identifying personalization potential, setting up recommendation campaigns, AB tests, targeting, and in-depth analysis of those actions. Furthermore, she managed the setup and is constantly improving the e-mail personalization program.

Mathias KastanowiczSenior Product Manager

Mathias is doing Product for more than 5 years in home24. Currently, he is owning the Engagement and Pre-Purchase Decision area. He is responsible for the integration of the API-based DY setup in the home24 landscape, which also includes the connection with the Content Management System that is used in home24.

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