Personalization Innovator Award Winner

HUGO BOSS is one of the leading companies positioned in the premium segment of the global apparel market. With its two brands, BOSS and HUGO, the group offers collections in 132 countries at around 7,400 points of sale and online in 70 countries via The company follows a clear a consumer-centric approach and offers a best-in-class consumer journey at all touchpoints. The commitment to personalization underlines the goal of taking the customer experience to the next level.

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Awarded to organizations who have a complete grasp of experience optimization and push the limits of personalization to create real value for their customers and their businesses.

The cross-functional personalization team at HUGO BOSS pioneered a unique method emphasizing swift learning and experimentation with innovative features. This approach has empowered the company to effectively launch a multitude of campaigns across different markets, including the web (25), mobile app (12), and email (15) within the previous year. The personalization technology allows the team to quickly launch client-side campaigns and promotional messages in as little as two days and empowers them to be more responsive and nimble in delivering engaging experiences to customers.

How Hugo Boss Does It


Centers efforts around rapid learning and embraces failure, which allows the team to iterate quickly and continuously improve their strategies. This is done using scrum-based agile methodology, with the team working in bi-weekly sprints against a 3-month roadmap defined during quarterly business review sessions.


Achieves company-wide awareness and recognition through an internal, personalization-focused newsletter that highlights program efforts, the main results of implemented campaigns, and upcoming experiments.


Dedicates full-time support to personalization through a proper team of campaign managers, developers, UX/UI designers, and web analysts – covering the major functional areas of a program and allowing the company to properly implement and scale experience delivery across markets, channels, and campaign types.

What it looks like

Gift finder
Returning visitors
Welcome messages

Gift finder

A gift finder that reminds users about upcoming holidays and assists gift seekers in discovering suitable products more effectively led to a statistically significant increase in revenue per user.

Returning visitors

By displaying previously viewed products to returning users from their past sessions upon landing, we assist them in seamlessly continuing their customer journey and improve the conversion rate.

Welcome messages

Tailored welcome messages for logged-in customers, which use their name, such as “Be your own Boss, Yuliya" to provide an unmistakably personal experience for registered members.

What’s next?

Following a massive relaunch of its website, with success driven by innovative UX upgrades and its full transformation to the server-side, On plans to keep pushing the boundaries of personalization. The team plans to do this by deepening its focus on localization across On’s priority markets, collecting more audience insights from various data sources to better understand its many communities, developing a personalized membership program to foster brand loyalty, and aiding the discovery process through a product finder and completely individualized “just for you” page. Finally, a brand new On app is coming, which the team will bake personalization at the core of to ensure the channel delivers an exceptionally relevant experience.

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