Ochsner Sport

Personalization Thought Leadership Award Winner

This award recognizes the largest sporting goods retailer in Switzerland for its experimentation-forward and data reliant approach to the customer experience. The retailer has invested heavily in embedding product recommendations across the site as well as within email, optimizing the algorithm used per position in the funnel to increase the likelihood of shoppers finding the items suited to their needs at that particular moment in time.

We give the Thought Leadership Award to those who not only demonstrate exceptional overall expertise in the implementation of experimentation and personalization but also elevate others through sharing knowledge and insights that push the rest of the industry forward.
Ochsner Sport is the largest sporting goods retailer in Switzerland with over 80 dynamic specialist shops. Knowing each sport or hobby comes different gear and accessories, Ochsner Sport uses the “Viewed Together” product recommendations on product detail pages increasing average revenue per user by over 40%! Its use of triggered abandoned cart emails, as well as personalization on PDPs and in underutilized, non-traditional areas like 404 pages and “No Results” search pages helped the team also to achieve 46X ROI from recommendations.

How Ochsner Sport Does It

Product recommendations like “Viewed with Recently Viewed” are served in non-traditional places, such as “No Results” (above) and 404 pages as well as on the website’s homepage.

Deploys recommendation widgets across the website: on the homepage, PDPs as well as "No Results" and 404 pages, optimizing the personalization strategy per page-type to achieve 46X ROI from recommendations.

Uses a “Viewed Together” recommendation strategy on product detail pages and increased average revenue per user by 41%, successfully improving the discovery of other products on this important page in the funnel.

Triggers email campaigns at moments such as cart abandonment, tailoring the content and product recommendations within to maintain relevance at that particular moment in the customer journey, increase conversion rates, and reclaim otherwise lost revenue.

The team behind the experiences

Manuel Füchslin Senior Product Owner

Manuel Füchslin is the Senior Product Owner for Platform Development at Ochsner Sport AG (Deichmann Group), the largest Swiss sports retailer. His area of responsibility includes the continuous development of the e-commerce platform ochsnersport.ch in the areas of personalization, testing, UX, UI, performance, and much more. For 3 Years, Ochsner Sport has worked with DY. Over the past 3 years, the goal has been to create the best experience for the customer and to show the customer what they want to see. Customer centricity is not just a buzzword in the company, it's our top focus.

Andrina HirschiDigital Marketing Manager

I started at Ochsner Sport in 2019 and have been responsible for content personalization on the homepage since 2021. I also manage various projects to optimize our content. I plan and test customized content on our homepage and decide what the homepage should look like.

Jan CahlikPersonalization & Shop Manager

After starting at OCHSNER SPORT in spring 2019 I spent 2.5 years in Online-Marketing before switching to the Shop Management team last summer where I'm dedicated to optimizing the personalization experience in our online shop. We design, test and run various campaigns throughout the shop with the goal of creating a better experience for our customers and fellow athletes.

Christian ReumerShop Manager

Works as a shop manager at ochsnersport and is responsible for optimizing the shop. In his daily business, he works on delivering the best shop experience to the customers. Customer satisfaction and support are not only a major goal at our stores in Switzerland, but also in eCommerce.

Mirzo CerimovicShop Manager

Mirzo has extensive experience in e-commerce. He has worked with website search, nurturing content and improving customer experiences. With DY he run out A/B Test and is responsible for optimizing the online shop from ochsnersport

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