Partner Excellence Award Winner

This award recognizes Swedish consulting agency Remotion for its commitment to upholding best practices in personalization program management by means of taking a process-oriented, data-infused, and omnichannel-based approach – one that is run by skilled members of the customer experience community.
Awarded to the Dynamic Yield partners who exemplify true leadership and collaboration, are experts in the platform, and offer strategic guidance and support to mutual customers.
Since 2016, Remotion has been helping companies across multiple industries transform one-size-fits all experiences into relevant customer interactions across channels. A trusted and collaborative partner of Dynamic Yield’s, Remotion applies a holistic approach to the implementation of personalization programs, ensuring clients have clear roadmap and success indicators from the very beginning, which are accompanied by data insights analyzed along the journey with the agency for continually iterating on program performance.

How Remotion Supports Businesses

Takes a methodological and education-forward approach

Remotion is a true partner and champion for its customers, focusing on building a working foundation that includes the implementation of customer-centric frameworks, KPIs, governance procedures, and more that each client’s team can learn and excel from.

Applies omnichannel strategy to everything they do

The consultancy is immersed in omnichannel experience delivery, helping companies put a strategy in place that will allow them to tailor digital interactions according to the context and the phase of the customer journey, ranging from awareness to ownership and consumption.

Stacks it team with deep, cross-
functional expertise

Remotion’s core team is made up of experts in different backgrounds, from management consulting, customer experience, IT to marketing automation and omnichannel personalization. This diverse skill set enables the consultancy to effectively drive cross-functional projects for mutual customers.

The team behind the experiences

Per WillerbrandStrategic Alliances ManagerCo-founder & Partner

Per is a co-founder of Remotion and has a background from IT and Management and has for the last 12+ years worked with data driven customer interaction. His experience includes managing large scale projects within various industries and clients such as FMCG, retail & ecom, professional services, financial services and more.

Hannes BüngerCo-founder & partner

Hannes is a co-founder of Remotion and has a background as a management consultant and has for the last 10+ years worked with data driven customer interaction. His experience ranges from local, regional to global clients in B2C and B2B, in various industries such as FMCG, retail & ecom, professional services, financial services and more.

Jesper MolinderJunior Partner

Jesper – Worked with making customer experiences more frictionless for the past 7 years. Started within Business and strategy, but now passionate about designing IT solutions that can deliver not only fun, creative, interactive but also personalized experiences.

Max Salomonsson GrassiPersonalization Expert

Max has a background in marketing automation and has for the past two years worked with omnichannel personalization. Max help clients realize their personalization objectives through technical, analytical and business expertise together with hands on knowledge of building A/B tests and omnichannel personalization campaigns.

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A success story: 30% of Musti Group’s total purchases is attributable to inbound personalization efforts