Sephora SEA

2021 Personalization Expert Award Winner

This award recognizes the beauty giant’s innovative personalization use cases across web, mobile, and app, its commitment to pushing the boundaries of experience design, and the team’s ability to make data-driven decisions to create appealing digital experiences for every shopper.
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Awarded to organizations who have a complete grasp of experience optimization and push the limits of personalization to create real value for their customers and their businesses.
Global beauty retailer Sephora SEA believes beauty is for each person to define and theirs to celebrate. Knowing beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the giant invests heavily in tailoring the customer experience to help shoppers find the exact tools and products they are looking for and that will best suit their complexions, skin types, style, and needs.

How Sephora SEA does it

Sephora SEA personalized For You page
Built a personalized “Just for You” page, powered by CRM and user affinity data, to help guide customers to the exact products and brands that best suit their unique skin type, preferences, and taste.

Tailors context to each channel, A/B testing to perfection to ensure the site layout of every category page is optimized for every device and encourages increased customer engagement.

Analyzes user behavior to better understand how users browse its product inventory and optimize which brands to spotlight, how many recommendation widgets to display, what educational content to showcase, and more.

The team behind the experiences

Wendelynn Lwee Sephora SEA

Wendelynn Lwee Senior Executive, Conversion & Optimisation

Wendelynn has been working with Sephora for two years and helped pilot the personalization program within the organization. Over the years, she has worked with Dynamic Yield to push boundaries and create better, more impactful personalized experiences for Sephora customers. She is consistently looking for new ways to innovate the customer experience and strives to generate actionable and impactful insights in the eCommerce space.

Max See Sephora SEA

Max See Manager, Conversion & Optimisation

Max has been working with Sephora for nearly five years and has been an integral part of scaling the implementation of Dynamic Yield within Sephora’s workstream. He has had the opportunity to experience every facet of A/B testing, initially starting off as a one-man team involved in the planning, development, and analysis of A/B tests, and has now grown his team to include four superstars, each with their own complementary set of skills.

Anson Ng Sephora SEA

Anson Ng App Developer, Conversion & Optimisation

Anson has been with Sephora for 1.5 years as an Application Developer, focusing on developing personalization and A/B tests through Dynamic Yield for Sephora mobile applications. He is excited about how the mobile app helps users in their daily lives and looks forward to contributing his efforts to help it continue to grow in usage among the company’s user base.

Sally Wong Sephora SEA

Sally Wong Executive, Conversion & Optimisation

Sally has been at Sephora for over 2 years, during which she has helped to shape and build the A/B testing processes and projects with the use of Dynamic Yield, growing efforts from simple campaign tests to more complex and impactful projects involving in-depth analyses. She strives to continuously explore new opportunities to optimize and create innovative experiences online and is passionate about testing to bring more impactful changes to the customer journey.

Audrey Kow Sephora SEA

Audrey Kow Senior Web Developer

Audrey is a software developer who has been with Sephora for about 1.5 years. She has largely been working on bringing unique campaign ideas to life by maximizing the use of Dynamic Yield's capabilities. She would love to further explore these capabilities and brainstorm out-of-the-box solutions to tackle more complex use cases and also ensure that all projects will reach fruition.

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