Shoppers Stop

Personalization Innovator Award Winner

Shoppers Stop is India’s largest and most respected omni-channel fashion retailer that houses more than 500 of the finest international and national brands across apparel, non-apparel, beauty, fragrance & home. With 100+ stores in 48 cities and a growing online presence, in the past year, its team has significantly increased engagement on thanks to a new gamification experience. They also nearly doubled Shoppers Stop’s revenue per user by applying real-time filters to specific product recommendation campaigns.
Awarded to organizations who have a complete grasp of experience optimization and push the limits of personalization to create real value for their customers and their businesses.
A household name in India, the Shoppers Stop eCommerce site is home to almost any fashion or home need. With such a high volume of website traffic and so many shoppers with different wants and preferences, it was critical for the company to identify new ways to engage visitors and increase product discovery with targeted, relevant experiences. Two innovative strategies deployed by Shoppers Stop this year — gamification and real-time product recommendation filtering — helped to nearly quadruple the average time on site per visitor and almost doubled the average revenue generated per user.

How Shoppers Stop does it

Shoppers Stop built a real-time evaluator to show items of a higher caliber and price within recommendations on category and product detail pages (bottom image), effectively encouraging upsells and RPU by 45% vs. the default experience, which showed similar products from the same brand (top image).

Dynamically recommends watches of a higher caliber and price point on category and product detail pages through the use of real-time filters that read the details of the watch currently in the visitor’s cart. The strategy was proven to consistently influence upsells, leading to a 45% increase in revenue per user compared to the default experience that displayed “Viewed Together” items.

Makes it interactive, deploying a gamification strategy that would also increase product discovery by launching a quiz/survey experience for explicitly understanding which categories most interested shoppers. This provided the team with more information to personalize recommendations, and those who completed the game were awarded a discount, resulting in a 40% decrease in bounce rate, an 88% uptick in average page views, and 402% more time browsing the site on average.

The team behind the experiences

Sreekanth ChetlurChief Ecommerce Officer

Sreekanth Chetlur is a CX/Supply Chain/Digital Executive/Keynote Speaker with 13 years of digital, eCommerce and omnichannel experience across four industries: Retail, Logistics, Real Estate and FMCG. He has been fortunate enough to work for start-ups and multi-billion dollar enterprises and play leadership roles and provide great customer experiences that solve genuine problems. SPECIALTIES: E-commerce, Omni-Channel, Product Strategy, Product Management, Digital Marketing, Communication, Content Production, Process Improvement, Problem Solving, Design Thinking, Building Agile Teams, Entrepreneurship.

Reema GodreSenior Assistant Manager

Reema Godre is a Senior Assistant Manager at ShoppersStop, leading personalization for two and a half years. She strategizes and creates impactful personalized data-led customer campaigns across the website and app. She has been using Dynamic Yield for four years and conducts A/B testing to understand customer behavior and enhance the customer journey.

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