Personalization Innovator Award Winner

The Israeli multinational drugstore chain and marketplace has done exceptional work delivering a personalized and optimized digital experience with Dynamic Yield throughout its site. Their success has been driven by a strong philosophy of continuous experimentation and specific personalization. Super-Pharm stand out with its creative efforts and initiatives, such as a recommendation quiz, personalized menus, and individualized category pages. These innovative measures have led to remarkable user engagement and conversion rate increases.
Awarded to organizations who have a complete grasp of experience optimization and push the limits of personalization to create real value for their customers and their businesses.
Super-Pharm is more than just a pharmacy, offering an extensive array of diverse products, which while valuable to customers with different needs, requires greater education on what’s available as well as a streamlined discovery process. That’s exactly why the team leverages personalization, implementing tailored homepage navigation, category displays, and product carousels to showcase specific marketplace goods. Its guided selling approach to product recommendations leverages quizzes to collect direct customer input for deeper personalization both in-the-moment and over time, with homepage category menu personalization resulting in a CTR of up to 13% and implementation of mini categories on all category pages generating a 7% CTR.

How Super-Pharm does it

Personalizes the homepage menu, using information known about the user to present the most relevant categories to each, achieving a click-through rate between 11% - 13% depending on the variation and segment. This increased engagement is particularly observable among high-intent customers that likely already have an idea of what they are looking for, which Super-Pharm accelerates.

Facilitates product discovery with a mini-category menu displayed atop category pages, linking to related categories. This strategic feature yields an average CTR of 7% and a 3% uplift in purchases – indicating customers find it helpful as a product discovery tool, further demonstrating the effectiveness and power of a well-executed personalization strategy.

Optimizes product discovery with a tailor-made, 5-question hair product recommendations quiz, which provides an interactive way to help customers find the best products for their hair needs amid Super-Pharm’s broad catalog. This not only boasts a conversion rate 4x higher than average, but input also enhances its user affinity profiles for future personalization.

What it looks like

Hair Product Quiz
Mini-category Menus

Hair Product Quiz

A five-question hair product recommendations discovery quiz, connecting users with the right products based on their direct input.

Mini-category Menus

Mini-category menus injected across category pages, streamlining product discovery early on in the process.

What’s next?

With a strong foundation from which to build from, Super-Pharm plans to expand its efforts by embedding personalization within its mobile application as well as a new platform currently in development. In the near future, the team is focused on applying the guided-selling quiz to more product categories, with the goal of eventually launching it across the entire site. They also want to explore upselling strategies on product pages for sets of items, introduce their own unique business logic into recommendations for related products, and deploy animated user affinity-based banners – all of which will help the team enhance the shopping experience and drive continued business growth.

The team behind the experiences

Dolly Ovadia NahonHead of Product

Dolly is currently serving as Head of Product at Super-Pharm, and oversees the strategic development and management of their diverse product offerings, collaborating daily with Dynamic Yield. Dolly has over 15 years in product management, complemented by a rich entrepreneurial background, and an unwavering passion for digital innovation.

Yael Shacham-AbasDigital Product Manager

Since 2016, Yael has been a digital product manager at Super-Pharm and has worked with Dynamic Yield from the implementation stage. With an interest in researching and analyzing user behavior, and a focus on how technology shapes the human experience, Yael defines experiments of banners, campaigns, AB tests, personalization strategies, and more.

Michael MitraniVP of eCommerce and Marketing

Michael is the VP eCommerce, Marketing and Innovation and has been at Super-Pharm since 2009. He’s responsible for initiating and developing the digital strategy of the company and for creating the mobile app, eCommerce site. and the marketplace. He’s also responsible for identifying and embedding new technologies and solutions to enhance the customer experience, online and offline.

Laura ZiminHead of Marketing

Laura is the head of online marketing at Super-Pharm, in charge of online digital marketing strategy and all marketing efforts through its digital channels – the Super-Pharm eCommerce website, mobile app, direct communication channels, and owned media.