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Thought Leadership Award Winner

Founded in 1932, Synchrony is a multi-billion dollar, premier consumer financial services company delivering one of the industry’s most complete digitally-enabled product suites. Its work personalizing the pre-login page for private label credit card users has led to massive improvements in primary metrics, including a .34% lift in new authorized users, +1.20% lift in paperless enrollment rate, and +3.38% increase in CTR.
We give the Thought Leadership Award to those who not only demonstrate exceptional overall expertise in the implementation of experimentation and personalization but also elevate others through sharing knowledge and insights that push the rest of the industry forward.
For Synchrony, which manages private label credit card programs for some of the largest retailers in the world, the servicing pre-login page acts as the front door and homepage for cardholders to manage their account, make bill payments, and more. Doubling down on its personalization efforts here through the enrichment of its customer profiles via LiveRamp and significant testing of messaging, offers, design, CTAs, colors, and more, its team has increased primary metrics for authorized credit users, paperless enrollment, CTR and more.

How Synchrony does it

Synchrony tested messaging on the cardholder login page, providing exclusive, limited-time discounts combined with a countdown clock for a +3.38% increase in CTR.

Increases its KPI for “add authorized cardholders” by experimenting with different value proposition messages, background images, and colors on the login page, which resulted in a .34% lift in new authorized users, with an estimated incremental potential value of $27.1M if rolled out 100%.

Drives paperless enrollment based on a custom code event and LiveRamp data file, testing variations of messaging placements (e.g. above the fold) and colors on desktop and mobile, with the winning experiences generating a +1.20% lift in enrollment rate.

Uses countdown timers to invoke urgency, testing different sale discount amounts as well as marketing messaging and disclosure text, increasing the CTR of the larger discount offer by +3.38%.

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