Up Reply

Partner Excellence Award Winner

This award recognizes Up Reply, a part of the Reply Group with over 13,900 specialists across 16 countries, for its expertise in digital growth and experience optimization, leading with data-driven methods for personalizing digital channels and delivering user-centered experiences that align with customer business objectives.
Awarded to the Dynamic Yield partners who exemplify true leadership and collaboration, are experts in the platform, and offer strategic guidance and support to mutual customers.
Up Reply is driven by a mission to turn each client’s vision of customer experience growth into a reality. Through a strategic and creative approach, combined with cutting-edge technologies and close collaboration with Dynamic Yield, Up Reply starts making things happen from day one. The company’s holistic approach to digital transformation includes building and implementing personalization programs, ensuring that customers achieve their business goals successfully.

How Up Reply Supports Businesses

Offers strategic consulting based on specific needs, data, and users.

Up Reply’s approach is tailored to each client’s unique business needs, with its team providing a personalized strategy to leverage the company’s available data and optimize their specific user journey. In a world where digital commerce is increasingly significant (and competitive), Up Reply will work to help their customers' platforms stand out.

Facilitates tech integration, onboarding, and usage excellence.

Beyond onboarding new personalization, experimentation, and analytics tools, Up Reply offers comprehensive training customized to the particular requirements of each business, with hands-on learning to ensure customers can confidently navigate and utilize technology like Dynamic Yield’s to extract valuable insights and facilitate decision-making.

Manages services to create constant impact.

Up Reply assists customers in the operational implementation of their personalization, experimentation, and optimization programs. This continuous support encompasses various process chain elements, including user analyses, ideation, project management, concept development, technical implementation, evaluation and more. Their approach is always centered around achieving efficiency and measurable impact.

The team behind the experiences

Anian LeistnerPartner / Experimentation Expert

As Partner of Reply, Anian has extensive management and project experience in experience optimization and experimentation. For the last 14 years he managed teams and projects for international clients from various industries including e-commerce retailers, media companies and financial service providers.

Eliza SuharevaTechnical Team Lead for Dynamic Yield

Eliza has been working for Dynamic Yield in various technical positions for years and has proven expertise in the topics of technical implementation, integrations between various platforms and use case development. She has helped large market players in various e-com segments to clarify the architectural requirements and roll out Dynamic Yield in the most sustainable way.

Andreas HafemeisterSenior Personalization Consultant

Andreas is working in e-commerce for over eight years and has a focus on online retail. This expertise has allowed him to become an expert in personalization and A/B testing, two critical aspects of success in e-commerce.

Laura ForsterExperimentation Team Lead

Laura's approach focuses on gaining deep user insights along the customer journey, validating them through A/B testing, and then rolling out proven personalisation experiences as always-on solutions. Using data-driven hypotheses, Laura ensures that her strategies have maximum impact and help her clients achieve their goals. Her expertise includes leading international large scale projects and driving growth for enterprise customers.

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