Wild Fork

Personalization Innovator Award Winner

The modern-day meat and seafood market has experienced extraordinary results and rapid growth of its personalization program, which at only 8 months old has included the adoption of an audience-first targeting strategy and a bevy of experiments deployed across web, mobile web, and mobile app – the impact of which has resulted in a larger share of online business for the company.
Awarded to organizations who have a complete grasp of experience optimization and push the limits of personalization to create real value for their customers and their businesses.
Wild Fork was founded in 2017 to provide the biggest selection of the highest quality meats at the most affordable prices, and through personalization has added a streamlined product discovery and decision-making process to the list of differentiative perks for its customers. With a solid organizational approach to personalization, its team has been able to quickly scale its efforts in a short, 8-month timeframe, experimenting with everything from homepage hero banners, social proof messaging, and different applications of recommendations across site real-estate on its main selling channels. All of this while undergoing a complete replatforming of its technology stack.

How Wild Fork does it

Prioritizes an audience-first strategy based on the rooted personalization methodology to institutionalize insights about Wild Fork’s most valuable users, with full support and empowerment from executive sponsors enabling the freedom to experiment and determine the best possible results.

Takes risks with the freedom the team has been granted, running tests to question their biases, which led them to place social proof messaging further up on its product detail pages (where a recommendation widget usually lived) – resulting in a 7% uplift in revenue and 2% boost in average order value when compared against the control.

Explores ideas and inspiration from outside of its own industry, implementing use cases and strategies from fashion and retail that while on the surface may not be relevant, can easily be adopted for grocery, allowing the team to generate quick wins early on in its program’s development.

What it looks like

Social proof messaging
Video recommendations
Check out widget

Social proof messaging

Social proof messaging in the form of customer reviews placed on product detail pages, which outperformed the previous recommendation widget in that location

Video recommendations

Wild Fork also experimented with serving video recipes on product detail pages, which provides customers with inspiration for how to use its products.

Check out widget

Despite the checkout page being a controversial place to include recommendations, the team includes its “Picks of the day” with an easy add-to-cart for increased order values.

What’s next?

With its small group of highly-effective specialists who have already covered an immense amount of ground in such a short window of time, it’s easy to envision Wild Fork’s continued maturity with personalization as well as even greater business results. Looking ahead to the holiday season, the team is excited to test and implement new templates like gifting quizzes to help make shopping more fun during the busiest time of year. Eager to scale performance, the team also has plans to onboard a dedicated developer so they can do even more in less time on its mission of transforming the way customers shop online for meat and making that process seamless and fun for each audience type. 

The team behind the experiences

Mary DiCosimoDirector of Digital Experience

Mary is an ambitious Director of Digital Experience at Wild Fork US, where she drives continuous improvement of the customer experience and is responsible for the success of the eCommerce channel. As the personalization program owner, Mary strategically leverages product data knowledge and consumer insights to create innovative A/B tests and customer journeys, defines success metrics for every campaign, and reports Dynamic Yield’s overall performance and learnings to key stakeholders.

Anna Groman SmithUX Designer

Anna is a creative UX/UI designer with years of experience in end-to-end product design, team management, and establishing UX practices from the ground up. She helped build the personalization program using Dynamic Yield, focusing on optimizing the user journey for different key personas. Anna manages the UX & UI for the Wild Fork US website, using prototyping tools to bring conceptual pitches to life and drive direction based on a combination of qualitative & quantitative data analysis and company initiatives.

Bruna AmorelliSoftware Engineer

Bruna is a software engineer specialized in web development. Passionate about innovation and technology, Bruna has twelve years of experience working with software development, two of which have been spent in eCommerce. Bruna planned and integrated Dynamic Yield with the Wild Fork website, and also helps to support campaigns and new integrations.

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