Funnel Rocket is a serverless query engine optimized for complex user-centric queries at scale. It allows Dynamic Yield’s customers and the wider developer community to look for customers matching a nuanced set of conditions over time, and get back fine-grained statistics – so they can better understand that group of users, then act on it.

Funnel Rocket was built at Dynamic Yield as an open-source product to answer on-demand interactive queries quickly and cost-efficiently. With Funnel Rocket, you can build custom ad-hoc analytics capabilities over big datasets of user activity – at large scale and with minimal overhead in operations and resource usage.

About DY Labs

DY Lab products are still in development but show a lot of promise, so we want to give you a chance to try them out. These products haven’t been subjected to the same level of reliability, scalability, and security measures as other Dynamic Yield products, and are not being officially supported.