Gaming Solutions

Maximize the Lifetime Value of Every Player Through Personalization

Personalize the entire customer journey from acquisition to retention.
Maximize customer spend using a single platform for campaign automation, omni-channel personalization, optimization and 1:1 messaging.
Advanced Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Build Deep Gamer Profiles Based on Real-Time Data
Create real-time segments based on traffic sources, visitor location type and number of games played, custom events and more.

Landing Page Automation

Win More Users With Landing Page Optimization
Use a one-of-a-kind landing page builder with advanced capabilities already built in:
› Dynamic Variables
Automatically alter the text according to geo-location, URL parameters, cookie values and more.
› Automated Optimization Engine
Run A/B and Multivariate tests on any element, automatically optimize for your most valuable KPIs.
› Real-Time Messaging
Supercharge your pages with real-time social proof messages and personalized offers.
› Personalized Recommendations
Enhance the value of your landing pages by adding engaging and personalized recommendations.


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Bet $15 Get
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Grid Personalization

Personalize Game Grids for Maximum Engagement
Dynamically personalize the layout, design and content of the game grids and instantly measure the impact of these changes. Automatically personalize sorting order based on individual user preferences.

Real-Time Messaging

Deliver 1:1 Messaging That Inspires Action
Target latent players to ignite engagement and capture lost revenue. Leverage social proof to drive conversions by emphasizing popular games, or tables with limited availability.

Real-Time Messaging
Real-Time Messaging
Behavioral Exit-Intent Overlays
Contextual Notifications
Social Proof Messaging

Yield Optimization

Optimize Any Element For 10X Conversions
Test and optimize based on behavioral data and a clear view of players intent and preferences. Automatically deliver the most effective variations, even if player behavior changes over time.

Yield Optimization - Variation A

Best Variation for
Casino Lovers
Yield Optimization - Variation B

Best Variation for
Horse Race Lovers
Yield Optimization - Variation C

Best Variation for
Blackjack Lovers
The Power of Dynamic Experiments
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