With A/B/n testing, you expose a percentage of visitors to different versions of your website to determine the best performing variation. Unlike A/B testing, you will usually have at least three variations of your website in-use during this process. The “n” in A/B/n refers to the unknown number of variations you will test.

Usually, the original web page variation is referred to as the “control “and is not altered. In addition to the control, you would also have at least three additional variations of your website being tested—perhaps, the primary graphic on the landing page. Your traffic will be directed to these four pages in an appropriate percentage (in this case, 25 percent to each variation – control and the three altered versions).

At the end of the test, you should see the amount of conversions each variation had and be able to determine the ideal, best-converting variation. Usually A/B/n testing is a preliminary step before moving on to more advanced multivariate testing.

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