A Customer Relationship Management Platform (CRM Platform) refers to the technology a company employs to manage interactions with a customer, capturing key information generated during those engagements.

Unlike a Customer Data Platform (CDP) which collects and connects data from multiple sources for identification and unification, CRM platforms are not designed to import significant volumes of data from other systems. Instead, they focus on transactional data and activity from known customers.

Still, a crucial element of the tech stack and an invaluable component of personalizing experiences, onboarding your CRM data into a unified engagement platform enables marketers to target visitors efficiently and accurately with demographic data (gender, age, marital status, education, etc.), geographic data (billing and shipping country, city, etc.), interests and preferences, buyer persona and internal segments captured by BI tools (VIP client, frequent buyer, etc.).

Customer Relationship Management Examples

Because CRM platforms contain a wide range of information about your customers and how they interact with your business including past activities, conversations, and purchases, there’s a host of potential strategies and subsequent tools for leveraging the data:

  • Tracking customer activity via email campaigns
  • Conducting customer satisfaction surveys
  • Connecting and evaluating social media responses
  • Segmenting customers for targeted outreach
  • Providing personalized offers or promotions
  • Notifying customers of important updates or product announcements
  • Recommending content based on customer interaction
  • Managing customer support follow up or communications
  • Integrating purchase history for loyalty programs
  • Matching with retargeting cookies for online advertising

At Dynamic Yield, we integrate with CRM platforms like Custora to ingest segments of known users, merging browsing data with loyalty, POS, and offline interactions in order to power personalization across web, app, and email.

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