With any marketing campaign, it’s important to outline your desired outcome beforehand so you can accurately measure the campaigns success. For example, a goal could be for a visitor to make a purchase exceeding $20. A goal could be for new visitors to watch an introductory video. A goal could be for returning visitors to sign up for your newsletter.

No matter what goals you decide to track, it’s important to ensure that you have a system or service in place to track when each goal is met and then considered to be a “conversion.” When a visitor completes a goal, you have converted him or her from a casual visitor to an engaged viewer (or buyer).

Try not to limit your goals to monetary items. For example, you may be seeking more interaction with your customers, so a “share on Facebook” click could be your end game instead of a $20 purchase. You may also want visitors to thoroughly read an article you’ve posted, in which case you’d want to track how much time they spend on certain pages (implying that they were reading instead of clicking away immediately).

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