This well-known acronym reminds us that complexity is not a desirable trait. As in most areas of life and business – the more straightforward and simplified a task, objective or goal – the better.

This concept applies to Internet marketing as well. Perhaps the most obvious application is usability on your website. You could decide to show how creative your web designers are with an intricate opening sequence when your page is accessed. You could decide that visitors are rewarded for following flashy, complex directions with some type of reward. Or – you could watch your bounce rate soar as visitors are irritated, frustrated, impatient and –ultimately – gone!

You can apply the KISS principle to every aspect of your website. Look at every element and see what you can simplify. Don’t use three sentences when one will do. Don’t use a five-syllable word when a two-syllable word will do. Don’t show a complex infographic when I two-color pie chart will do. Don’t give 10-step “how to order” directions when you could get it down to three steps. See where we’re going?

Look at your layout and design. If someone visits your site to learn information – is the search feature easy to find and just as easy to use? If you have a retail site, is it clear how to browse for items using either the search feature or the navigation bars? Look at whether calling a “blouse” a “top” would make things easier or harder to find for your visitors.

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