Multivariate Testing When trying to optimize your website, you will likely engage in multivariate testing, which is also known as “multi-variable testing.” In this type of testing, you seek to test multiple elements on your website simultaneously instead of a single item at a time.

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Typically, a server is configured to display the various versions of your website to visitor traffic in real time. How many versions of your website you make available is up to you. The only thing to consider as you select the number of variations you’d like to test is your ability to accurately interpret the results you’re requesting. For example, if you can’t fathom comparing 10 different layouts, start with a smaller number.

After an appropriate amount of time has passed, you should be able to view statistics for each configuration and discern which configuration is the most successful in terms of conversions and goals. If a marketer doesn’t have this skill in-house, he or she can outsource this type of testing and data recovery to numerous companies. You may run this type of test once, periodically or continuously. As your visitors and company’s needs evolve, it’s likely you’ll want to do this more often than not to ensure your configuration is still the best converting option.

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