Oct 24, 2017

A promotional email blast, also referred to as a commercial email, is sent to users to drive awareness and encourage the recipient to take some type of action. Promotional emails are manually configured as one-to-many emails and mass delivered to email lists of people who will receive the same or very similar content. This contrasts with a triggered email, which is an email sent automatically based on pre-defined events or conditions met by an an individual through certain behaviors, actions, or other signals.

Businesses use promotional emails to drive recipients towards conversion – which can be a purchase, registration, download, or some other action.

Some example use cases for promotional emails include:

  • Promotional Emails – A fashion retailer hosting a sale for Black Friday could send a promotional email highlighting details of the campaign to drive users to purchase items on their site.
  • New Product Launches – A furniture brand releasing a new line of living room furniture could send a promotional email to notify their customer about the new items available for purchase.
  • Newsletters – A business could send a weekly newsletter to share fresh content, updates, developments, and more with their email list.

Because promotional emails are mass emails, it’s extremely important to take steps to personalize and tailor them to recipients. Personalization makes it more likely that recipients will actually engage with your emails, and the results are clear – personalized emails have 6x higher transaction rates than non-personalized emails (Experian).

Some ways that businesses can personalize their emails include segmenting their email audiences, automatically tailoring email content to users using dynamic content, inserting relevant product or content recommendations, and A/B testing and optimizing email campaigns.

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