Jul 20, 2017

Systems of Engagement (SoE) refers to the technology adopted by an organization to help facilitate and orchestrate the customer journey via more personalized, seamless interactions across the various touchpoints. These include social media channels, email marketing platforms, mobile apps, content management systems, personalization vendors, and more.

These platforms capture demographic, deep behavioral information, historical interactions, transactions, and affinities of prospects and customers in “systems of record” to facilitate longitudinal relationship building.

But don’t each of these disparate systems create fragmented data?

Unfortunately, the inadequacies of existing marketing, advertising, sales, support, and data management tools have created a significant execution gap. As marketers bring on additional point solutions, essential data on user behavior gets stuck in silos, not only becoming less and less actionable but less orchestrated across touchpoints.

This gap has created a massive necessity for unified Systems of Engagement platforms to support the needs and expectations of customers with personalized, seamless experiences, regardless of channel.

To avoid disconnected systems, businesses must integrate and operate under one, unified system of engagement. They will find that through onboarding data from various systems for a single view of the customer they can eliminate the insights-to-action gap, executing various programs better dollar for dollar.

Read further: Systems of Insight (SoI), Real-Time Interaction Management.

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