Jul 18, 2017

Systems of Insight refers to the technology which aims to support and improve the customer experience through the consumption, collection, and analysis of data from the combined sources of traditional “systems of record” and “systems of engagement.”

By leveraging behavior-driven insights, systems of insight apply advanced analytics to operational environments at the point where they generate customer interaction data for immediate deployment of personalization, for example, via systems of engagement.

How does a system of insight work?

The building blocks, or model by which a system of insights functions is comprised of the following capabilities:

  • Consume – Ingest structure, unstructured, and transactional data
  • Collect – Gain new insights
  • Analyze – Perform analysis of data
  • Report – Understand what happened
  • Detect – Identify patterns and correlations
  • Decide – Implement logic associated with business rules

What are some common scenarios for a system of insight?

The following highlight a few business use cases:

Retail – SoI can analyze business data and social feeds, such as social networks, customer service interactions, web clickstream data to predict potential customer behavior and preferences. Then, determine the next best action that could include upselling, cross-selling, or highly targeted promotions for the delivery of true omnichannel retailing experiences.

Travel – SoI can use information about the security checkpoint queues, like mobile check-ins, kiosk interactions, or bag drop desks to predict whether the customer has enough time to get to the departure gate or not. At the same time, events exit the system as actions to alert passengers or trigger more business processes, for example, to reschedule a booking.

Read further: Systems of Engagement (SoE), Real-Time Interaction Management.

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