The chronicles of a personalization giant

Amazon’s recommendation engine has become its coup de grâce, harvesting rich customer data from its ever expanding ecosystem to power truly tailored customer experiences – the kind most brands dream about delivering.


But what if marketers knew exactly where, when, and why Amazon invests in personalization across the customer journey?


Our goal was to uncover just that.

We broke out the lab coats and started digging into Amazon’s various digital properties. A process involving first-person exploration, research spanned demographics, subscription levels, devices, channels, geography, and more.


Through these sessions we identified, tracked, categorized, and analyzed all relevant instances of personalization. What we ended up with was dozens of applications, each customized according to the factors above and unique to the individual.

Broken down according to the channel where surfaced, device accessed on, and contextual purpose, we put together an expansive collection of real use cases Amazon deploys for product discovery and merchandising, cart and checkout flow, promotional offers and incentives, customer and membership loyalty, and cross-device experience.


Closing the Amazon gap has never been so within reach.

Discover the best elements of Amazon’s recommendation engine, uncover gaps in the eCommerce giant’s own implementations, and leverage our complete collection of Amazon use cases on your own strategic journey toward personalization success.

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