Deliver personalized, 1:1 experiences to your customers in the hyper-competitive retail landscape

Building out a solid data strategy and establishing a clear vision for growth using personalization

We keep hearing about the importance of personalization but why don’t we see it more widespread—particularly in one of the most personal industries: Retail? Why don’t we experience it more as consumers? And why do we struggle to enable it as marketers?

In this special guide, Dynamic Yield partnered with marketing and sales strategy consultancy, Lenati, to show you how to overcome data challenges and mobilize your organization to implement a personalization strategy that drives real customer and business impact.

What’s Inside?

  • What Personalization Is, Isn’t, and Its Major Benefits
  • The Common Data Struggles Seen Within Retail
  • How to Establish a Vision for Personalization
  • The Top Three Considerations When Choosing a Personalization Vendor

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