Value in personalization increases, but confidence in own ability to deliver slows

Results from second consecutive report benchmarking the state of personalization maturity

To understand the current state of personalization maturity, every year, Dynamic Yield surveys marketers and executives from cross-functional roles across various industries in AMER, EMEA, and APAC to better understand the degree to which companies feel as though they are personalizing experiences for customers.

This report marks the second consecutive year we’ve conducted our research and includes the responses of over 300 participants, allowing us to not only provide updated benchmarks but also compare between last year’s results.

Key findings:

  • Culturally, organizations share a greater belief in the value of personalization than ever before, recognizing the long terms benefits associated with tailoring their outreach
  • Leadership-wise, more organizations see personalization as a top priority and plan to continue investing in their programs, but resources stunt velocity for most
  • The level of personalization maturity has gone down from Advanced to Basic worldwide as companies realize their own gaps and barriers impacting output
  • Across the board, developers are still being used in an ad hoc capacity instead of instituting dedicated teams for personalization
  • Access to data remains a big problem for all, with organizations yearning for more when it comes to making informed, data-driven decisions
  • While there’s much ado about personalization technology, it’s gotten farther away from acting as a core piece of the marketing stack.

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