Lack of internal prioritization dwarfs personalization’s potential, despite value seen

Results from two-year report benchmarking the state of personalization maturity in iGaming

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To understand the current state of personalization maturity, every year, Dynamic Yield surveys marketers and executives from cross-functional roles within the iGaming services industry in AMER, EMEA, and APAC to better understand the degree to which companies feel as though they are personalizing experiences for customers. 

This report includes the responses of participants from 2018-19 – it is broken down to provide both global and regional benchmarks for comparison.

Measured against eight signals of personalization, organizations were ranked and benchmarked according to four levels of personalization: absent, basic, advanced, and pioneer.

Key findings:

  • Globally, organizations share a belief in the value of personalization, with the majority in every region recognizing the long-term benefits associated with tailoring experiences.
  • iGaming companies struggle to truly personalize experiences, with most reporting anecdotal success stories about incremental improvements. 
  • Small, channel-specific teams represent the norm, leaving iGaming companies lusting for more centralized efforts to help them execute campaigns across channels.
  • Across regions, companies have access to data, but acting on it in requires time and ad-hoc resources, limiting their ability to make data-driven decisions. 
  • For the majority of companies, personalization is not yet fully integrated within the tech stack, a necessity for delivering a holistic player experience. 
  • While the industry’s level of personalization maturity globally is Basic, EMEA was found Advanced in its efforts, with the region making greater investments in data, technology, and teams than AMER and APAC.

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