Value in personalization remains high, but technology inhibits notable progress

Results from third consecutive report benchmarking the state of personalization maturity

To track trends and shifts in the state of personalization maturity, every year, Dynamic Yield surveys individuals from various roles across industries in AMER, EMEA, and APAC to better understand the degree to which companies feel as though they are personalizing experiences for customers.

This report marks the third consecutive year we’ve conducted our research and includes the responses of over 200 participants, allowing us to not only update existing benchmarks but also compare year-over-year results.

Key findings:

  • 95% of organizations believe in the long-term benefits of personalization, a positive trend that has remained strong over the last three years, in every region.
  • Personalization continues to be prioritized as a key business initiative, but with only 9% of organizations claiming it is already part of their business’ DNA, there is still a great deal of investment to be made.
  • The level of maturity has not experienced any dramatic shifts compared to last year, with the overall level remaining Basic.
  • With only 9% reporting personalization is at the core of their stack, organizations lack the sufficient tech needed to deeply tailor experiences across channels.
  • Short on resources and dedicated talent, organizations are experiencing difficulty with personalization deployment, with limited success stories to prove it.
  • Brands worldwide struggle to make informed decisions about the customer, with 52% requiring ad-hoc resources to access and action it.

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