Not all solutions are created equal

A reference manual for picking a personalization vendor that can deliver on your business needs

A select few vendors incorporate the capabilities to serve highly-targeted interactions – the kind that actually increases a company’s bottom line. So whether considering personalization for the first time or moving beyond basic implementations into more sophisticated deployments, employing the right personalization provider is incredibly important to a program’s success. Not only to ensuring those initial marketing dollars are well spent, but also that results are generated in a sustainable, scalable fashion. 

This guide is meant to remove any uncertainty in the vetting process, arming teams with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions with regards to the personalization technology market.

What’s inside?

  • Necessary technological components 
  • The right questions to ask regarding various capabilities and features
  • Additional considerations about a partnership, outside of technology
  • A practical personalization vendor comparison table

Download this manual and make an informed decision about which personalization vendor is right for you.

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