Rethinking outdated approaches to the customer journey

Modern personalization strategies meant for financial services brands to begin their digital transformations

As consumers’ reliance on all things digital grows, it’s imperative that financial institutions embrace the modern strategies now afforded to us, and at faster rates of adoption. If companies in the space want to acquire and retain customers, they simply have to become more customer-centric and digitally-versed.

Regardless of the unique hurdles stunting their efforts, rethinking outdated approaches to the customer journey is the first step towards improving acquisition, conversion, and even loyalty.

By focusing on the right areas to personalize, finance marketers can start moving the needle, generating results which are bound to appreciate over time. In this 40-page guide, we’ll break down 8 main themes to hone in on and 26 high-impact personalization use cases to help financial services companies better tailor the customer experience.

What’s inside?

  • The way personalization has allowed businesses to meet the demands of customers in a rapidly evolving digital landscape
  • The expectations put on financial services brands by the industry to deploy advanced personalization strategies
  • How to move beyond personalization paralysis and prioritize lower hanging applications for more meaningful results
  • Real use cases for activating data in real time, maximizing acquisition efforts, mitigating abandonment, encouraging cross-channel engagement, and uncovering upsell opportunities

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