Dynamic Yield Research: The State of Personalization in Mobile Commerce

Poor Designs, Inconvenient Experiences & Frustrated Shoppers

To understand buyer habits, preferences and opinions on mobile shopping experiences, Dynamic Yield surveyed 500 shoppers who have made a purchase on a mobile device in the past month.

The results show clear dissatisfaction with the state of mobile shopping, presenting an enormous opportunity for retailers to win hearts, minds, and wallets by delivering better experiences.

In this report, you’ll learn the consumer point of view on mobile shopping and be presented with a wealth of valuable data on the state of mobile eCommerce.

What’s Inside?

  • Conclusive consumer data on which channels shoppers find most convenient and enjoyable
  • An exploration of the buyer mindset when shopping on a mobile device
  • Insights on the most common barriers to mobile shopping
  • Mobile shopper opinions on how enterprise retail mobile experiences stack up against Amazon
  • Actionable suggestions on how retailers can improve mobile experiences

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