Unsure of how to justify the business case for personalization?

Discover how a wide variety of personalization use cases pay off across a plethora of KPIs

35X return on investment. 39% increase in revenue per user. $15M in gross uplift. These are real results achieved by Dynamic Yield customers.

In this guide, you’ll learn how six eCommerce companies improved revenue, increased conversions, and reduced cart abandonment by leveraging the tools in Dynamic Yield’s personalization stack.

What’s Inside?

  • Sephora achieves 6X return on investment
  • Lamoda drives $15M gross uplift
  • Sabon drives 35% sales uplift
  • Jewelry.com increases ARPU from the homepage by 39%
  • BILD Shop realizes a 5X ROI from a single use case
  • Juniqe increases SEM campaign revenue by 20%

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