Not just a tactic, personalization is a full-fledged discipline

And those who invest in building an ecosystem around their efforts are always more effective.

What’s inside?

A complex field with lots of moving parts and various potential applications that transcend marketing channels, without a proper ecosystem built around it, even the most comprehensive personalization tool will flounder to drive meaningful results.
In this guide, we’ll discuss the evolving discipline of personalization and help organizations better understand the resources, processes, and cultural mindset necessary to support a successful program.
• Educating an Organization on Personalization
• Starting Lineup of Any Successful Personalization Team
• The Personalization Framework Designed to Scale
• Step-By-Step to a Personalized Experience

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Natasha Wahid
“There's a lot of noise out there about "personalization." This guide provides actionable frameworks for making personalization dreams a reality—from outlining the roles and responsibilities needed on your team, to providing a step-by-step process for personalization ideation and implementation, this guide is a super helpful tool.”

– Natasha Wahid, Head of Marketing at WiderFunnel

Steven Bakaluk
“The leveling up of our personalization game required not only the alignment of our immediate team, but shifting the mindset of the key organizational stakeholders. We made this guide our priority, and if you want long-term success for your personalization program, you should too.”

– Steven Bakaluk, eCommerce Manager at

Deepak Dayanidhi
"We'll be using the insights from this guide and incorporating it with our currently running personalization programs. Kudos, Dynamic Yield."

– Deepak Dayanidhi,
Marketing Tech Lead at Jumia