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AppNexus Integrates with Dynamic Yield

With the AppNexus integration, make your media dollars work harder. This integration allows you to test, personalize, and serve Dynamic Ads through the AppNexus ad network. Simply insert the iframe code snippet in your AppNexus campaign, and your AppNexus display campaigns will begin serving Dynamic Yield’s personalized and programmatic ads.

Dynamic Yield and AppNexus integration screenshot

Key Benefits

  1. Use your own first or third-party data to reach and engage high-performing audiences across media campaigns
  2. Improve reach and visibility by seamless targeting Dynamic Yield’s custom audience segments at scale
  3. Seamlessly deliver personalized Dynamic Ads within AppNexus ad networks using a dedicated embed code

Use Cases

Intelligently bid on high-value users (ie. shopping cart abandoners) to encourage action

Optimize ad messaging in-flight for loyal customers to drive cross-selling and upselling.

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