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Contentsquare Integrates with Dynamic Yield

Leverage the power of Contentsquare’s visual insights report to tap into the meaningful actions your customers take as they interact with each experience launched through Dynamic Yield.

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A Powerful Duo: Contentsquare and Dynamic Yield unlock real-time Insights from your campaigns

Dynamic Yield’s integration with Contentsquare enables brands to dive deeper into the main motivators driving visitor behavior on digital properties. With Contentsquare’s Zone-based Heatmaps and Customer Journey Analytics, you can further understand why every Dynamic Yield experience and variation performed as it did, how it impacted your customers’ journey, as well as provide additional insight on how to further iterate and improve your personalization efforts for each customer segment.

Understand the “Why” behind your results:

  • Identify the positive and negative impact of every personalized experience for each customer segment
  • Understand the full impact of each personalized campaign and how it influences your customers’ motivation and decisions across the entire journey
  • Showcase your personalization success stories with easy-to-share visual reports that make data accessible to everyone in your organization

Contentsquare is a user experience analytics and optimization platform that helps businesses understand how and why users are interacting with their app or site. It tracks touch and mouse movements and visualizes the collected data into heatmaps and funnels.

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