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ContentSquare Integrates with Dynamic Yield

With Dynamic Yield’s integration with ContentSquare, you can dive deeper into the main motivators driving visitor behavior on your digital properties. With ContentSquare’s Zone-based Heatmaps and Customer Journey Analytics, you can further understand why every Dynamic Yield experience and variation performed as it did, how it impacted your customers’ journey, as well as provide additional insight on how to further iterate and update your personalization efforts for each customer segment.

Key Benefits

  1. Discover the "Why" behind the performance, casting light on every visual element of your personalized experiences
  2. Identify the positive and negative impact of every personalized experience on every one of your customer segments
  3. Understand the full impact of each personalized campaign, as it influences your customers' motivation and decisions across the entire journey
  4. Showcase your personalization success stories with easy-to-share visual reports that make data accessible to everyone in your organization

Use Case Examples

– Access Zone Analytics Reports to correctly attribute conversions and revenue to the successful elements of your web personalization campaigns.

– Obtain proprietary behavioral metrics for every element on the page to cast light on the page’s average scroll reach and each element’s engagement levels.

– Use conversion funnels and journey analytics to understand how every experience impacted your customers’ journey across your digital properties.

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