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DoubleClick for Advertisers Integrates with Dynamic Yield

Drive a higher ROI on your paid media campaigns by harnessing the power of Dynamic Yield’s personalization engine into your DoubleClick account. Push personalization beyond your site and into your Dynamic Ads using rich audience data captured by Dynamic Yield. Build personalized ad creative using Dynamic Content and product recommendations directly within the Dynamic Yield platform. With our powerful personalization algorithms, choose the best ad variations in real time to better reach and engage your customers at any touchpoint.

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Key Benefits

  1. Scale your reach and improve your targeting by seamlessly incorporating Dynamic Yield’s custom audience segments in your paid media campaigns
  2. Build new ad variations at scale and serve ads using Dynamic Yield's platform
  3. Optimize ad delivery and the variations you serve using Dynamic Yield's powerful personalization algorithms
  4. Embed product recommendations and Dynamic Content directly within your ad creative using the Dynamic Yield platform

Use Case Examples

Encourage users to return to your site by enriching your paid media ads with personalized product recommendations.

Reach brand fans by building ad variations displaying new products or the most popular products.

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