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Facebook Integrates with Dynamic Yield

Take your ad campaigns to the next level by enriching your Facebook audiences with data using Dynamic Yield’s personalization solution. Using Dynamic Yield’s platform, set up a Pixel that fires on your site and automatically feeds visitor activity into Dynamic Yield’s personalization engine. From here, you will have access to rich audience segments that seamlessly populate within your Facebook Business Manager, giving you the freedom to customize and refine your ad targeting strategy to reach and engage with your customers without needing any additional tags or code.

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Key Benefits

  1. Acquire stronger, more qualified leads by optimizing and personalizing your Facebook ads.
  2. Bolster your Facebook targeting strategy by seamlessly incorporating your Pixel data collected through your Dynamic Yield account.
  3. Retarget your audiences with personalized product recommendations and Dynamic Content.

Use Case Examples

Retarget customers that have shown purchase intent with Facebook ads displaying personalized product recommendations.

Leverage Pixel data to identifiy segments of product category shoppers in order to incorporate category-focused product recommendations in ad creative.

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