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Google Ads Integrates with Dynamic Yield

Fortify your paid media campaigns with Dynamic Yield’s Google Ads integration. Leverage Dynamic Yield’s personalization capabilities beyond your website and target your customers with personalized ads across the Google Display Network. Replace your static Display Ads with personalized Dynamic Ads driven by Dynamic Yield’s algorithms, which can choose the best content variations in real time. Deploy personalized content or product recommendations within your ad creative, reach your audiences, and engage your customers at the right place and time using this integration.

Dynamic Yield and Google Ads integration screenshot

Key Benefits

  1. Use Dynamic Yield's platform to serve ads and build new ad variations at scale
  2. Leverage your existing data from your Dynamic Yield account to deliver more precise and segmented ad experiences
  3. Let Dynamic Yield's powerful algorithms optimize the delivery of your ads and the ad variations you serve
  4. Embed Dynamic Content and personalized product recommendations within your ad creative directly from the Dynamic Yield platform

Use Case Examples

Retarget existing customers with data-driven, personalized content recommendations.

Customize ad creative with Dynamic Content focused on sales/promotions to audience segments of cost/benefit shoppers.

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